summer loves.

Byu started today, without me!!!

miss annie gave me the great idea to make a "fave list" to close out the summer.


my summer loves {the very best moments of summer 2009}:

-my new short do
-graduating with my bachelors
-becoming brave enough to wear russain red lipstick
-seeing "up"
-planting my lavender plant {and reaping the benefits ever since}
-seeing "vertigo", "rear window", and "dial m for murder" at the gallivan
-going to st george twice, and even swimming in the algae infested pool
-fort wightman
-the ville days, and playing ticket to ride in the park while listening to the orchestra play "the 1812 overture"
-raccoon hunting {we have yet to see the little rascal}
-making bracelets, meeting hickens, boating, and listening to eddie money while eating popcorn and watching fireworks in roosevelt, ut {aka the middle of nowhere}
-making oodles and oodles of delectable crepes
-getting my mission call!!!
-seeing jakeambermicael
-going through the temple
-getting this headband for my birthday, in which i feel like daisy from the great gatsby {or something}
-being with PAIGE every minute of every day.

oh, it was good.


paige said...

gee willy we had a great summer huh?!! that good old fort wightman...man, she was a keeper{leave your frowns at the door}. i hope you don't n=mind but i'd like to continue the list...
-having to drive everywhere with the windows down since the air conditioning had an identity crisis.
-design star parties(hope you didn't erase sunday's episode!)
-watching recorded movies.
-the many additions to my quote book.
-adopting a new sister(libby)
-daily wicked sing a longs
-and don't forget our afternoon lawn chair sessions.

i love you sister and i can't wait for the summer after your mission so we can do all of this and more all over again! thank you for changing my attitude of summer. i love you.

courtney said...

oh my goodness! how did i forget all of those marvelous going-ons? thee best!

Sarah and Wes said...

Catching up on reading all your posts made me SO homesick for BYU and Utah!!! And I can't believe you will be leaving on your mission soon! Can't wait to write you some letters. Maybe I'll see you in DC!!! Love and miss you.

Shannen said...

It was a very good summer :) I shall never forget dancing to Eddie Money and him drunkenly saying inappropriate things while Jackie's whole family slept and she herself disappeared