what i'm looking forward to the most.

did i sound terribly depressing and pessimistic when i blogged about my future missings? i fear i did, so i’m evening the playing field by listing my can’t waits:

•actually seeing washington dc
•learning the gospel inside and out.
•wearing all the sister missionary clothes i bought.
•using my luggage {i'm seriously in love with my london fog three piece set. i visit it every morning in the basement and pretend i'm mary poppins.}
•living on the east coast, and in the big city.
•meeting so many wonderful people from all different parts of the world.
•sharing the gospel.
•seeing the fireworks on the fourth of july in our nation’s capital.
•seeing the lights on temple square {word on the street are these babies are BEAUTIFUL}.
•converting barack obama, yeah that’s right.

{see you soon little dear.}

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paige said...

obama won't know what hit him. and i mean that in the least assassinator way as possible. you know my feelings for the thug.