when one becomes four.


remember when i told you that a little bird told me that my neighboor was feeding a raccoon ... well that same little bird just came over and informed us that "one became four."
silly neighboors are feeding a little family of raccoons now {daddy, mommy, and two babies}. i am really frightened now. and you know what will happen when the cold weather comes around, the family will move into my chimney!!!

i may or may not live to write another post ...

oh and ps, they also have a wasp farm!

what the?


miss britt said...

lol... i love you

paige said...

um...nevermind that i can't sleep because i'm moving out and becoming a big girl, it's because all i think about is cuddling up to a not so friendly, but i'm sure super cuddly, raccoon who invited himself in through our chimney!!! the only thing i like coming in through there is santa...and those pests ain't santa!! soomeone help us!