the loves i'll miss the very most.

i’ll be leaving for mission madness one month from today.

ka - ray - zee.

i’m quite excited for my new adventure, but i'll sorely miss a few of my greatest loves. i figure my little blog will be a good outlet for my missings...

castle … this is a great show, watch it in my stead.
•shannen crane {also the unofficial shannenjosh wedding}.
•lee carter.
•regina, mr gibbard, explosions in the sky, etc, etc, etc.
•movies {this missing includes toy story 3, the lovely bones, alice in wonderland, 2012, new moon, etc}.
•hires {the krusty krab of land}.

i’m proud to say that, although i’ll miss these beautiful parts of my life, i’m happy to sacrifice them for my church. my good friend breanne {who is serving in the taiwan taipei mission as we speak} said this about her sacrifice:

“this mission, as a tithing on the first 21 years of my life, will be HIS.”

i’m more than happy to give these 18 months of my life to him. he is, after all, the one who gave me the loves i'll miss most.


paige said...

i'll miss you. and your silly jokes. and your made up words. and your pretend language. and your o'brien hair when you wake up. i love you sister. and say hi to barrack for me.

you know you love me
sister girl.

AKWW said...

I kind of wish you were going to miss me. I know I will be missing you for the entire 547 days! But if missing makes you sad, I'd rather you not miss me.

Shannen said...

Awwww you'll miss me?!?! Or will you just miss my delicious chowder that I'm going to make at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for no reason in particular?

PS the capcha or watever that code you have to verify is called... totally spelled out "Majoy" Like "Courtney you are majoy"