summer series.

paige and i have begun our 2nd annual summer series {consists of watching an entire series in the summer}. i secretly call it "summer smut" because the series we choose often end up being some gratuitous teen-aged soap opera ... but hey, we love it.

last year it was the o.c. {marry me seth cohen!}.
this year, it's gossip girl. in this delightful series you've got:

blair {aka b}: this girl is seriously beasty, really i'm so frightened by this character. that being said, her style is superb.
serena {aka s}: played by blake lively, who is surprisingly a great little actress.
nathan {aka nate}: who is taking zac efron's place in the remake of footloose. lets just say i'm not completely sold on him playing the role of disgruntled teen ren mccormack {who other than troy bolton could pull off that angry dance?}.
charles {aka chuck}: the nastiest thing on televison ... and i hate that scarf.
dan {aka lonely boy}: pyt. and oddly similar to seth cohen.
jenny {aka little j}: cindy lou who is that you?

however, there's only room for one smutty series in our hearts, and for right now, that's the o.c.


paige said...

summer series have stolen my heart all over again. Maybe our loyalties are for the one and only o.c. but we'll see about gossip girl. oh and seth cohen-he's all mine. I love that little ball of curl he wears on his head. plus i totally miss the sandy cohen lines looks and love. go summer series!
you know you love me.
gossip girl

Shannen said...

I love you dearly and you know that... but gossip girl... really? Although I guess I can't talk since I always become obsessed with disney channel over the summer. But not this time! This time it's all about heroes!