today, i saved some daffodils from a bush.

i found these beauties trying to grow in a small patch of grass in the parking lot today. i thought they'd serve a better purpose on my desk. i was right.

i cut my own bangs today. dangerous. scary. wrong. now i'm walking around with thick, uneven, craziness on my head.


Sarah and Wes said...

Beautiful flowers! I love it. Also, you cut your own BANGS?! I seem to remember a semester long ago when you said that was crazy! I am so proud of you :D

miss britt said...

lol.... ah bangs. but the flowers are pretty. so I guess that "balance in the universe" thing is legit.

Shannen said...

Not to mention I love daffodils so you've improved my life ten fold :) And your bangs look fine!