personality tests, by courtney.

there are a few ways that i have devised to uncover a person's true character:
1.their shoes.
2.how they act when they are dating/in love{eh, whole other post "the couple"}.
3.how they act in the water/at an amusement park.
4.what music they listen to.
basically you know the person inside out when you know these things. however, i added one more to the list while i was looking at my bulletin board a few days ago:
5.whats on their bulletin board.

here's me:


miss britt said...

oh my gosh this makes me want to know what you know about me. I think because you are a psychology major we can call this the wightman theory. right?

Shannen said...

It's about time you gave me the link to your blog. Ps... if you saw how I act at amusement parks... you wouldn't be my friend :)

Sarah and Wes said...

Interesting . . .