farewell ...

family, don't have any fun without me.

bed, i'll miss the idea of you, but you give me headaches so ...

pillow, i'll see you in four weeks.

avery, don't get too much cuter while i'm away.

toy story 3, i'll see you when you come to dvd.

shannen, give lee carter a kiss goodbye for me.

annie, watch glee in my stead.

polka-dot toms, i wish i was taking you with me.

sarah, see you there?

hires, no burger joint in washington dc {or anywhere for that matter} will ever replace you.

brittney, see you there!

left-over cookies from yesterday's party, i'm probably most sad about leaving you. i loved you.

youarewhatyoulove, see you in 18 months.


paige. said...

hahaha you're silly. oh and fun doesn't exsist without you there so no worries my love. i love you so much.

"i carry your heart, i carry it in my heart"

you know you love me

AKWW said...

I have not really cried until I just read this post. I am glad you are out with your friends right now so you don't see me crying! I will miss you so much! I love you, MOM

Lynsey said...

We'll miss you! We love you! Can't wait to hear from you once you're in DC! You will have such a great time!

Avery says "bye bye"

Mark said...

Whaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aha aha aha Whaaaa whaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Sarah and Wes said...


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