my new life motto.

this weekend, paige and i decided to come up with our very own life mottoes. paige's is no one said it would be easy. and mine is you won't always be young, but you can be immature forever.
so great.
i'm leaving you with a few ways to accomplish said immaturity {taken from the book "eat dessert first and other ways to take a recess from being a grown-up"}:
~run through the sprinkler with all your clothes on.
~buy yourself a helium balloon.
~squish some mud between your toes.
~help your salt-and-pepper shakers talk to each other in high, squeaky voices.
~take a running jump over a big puddle.
~make cool screeching noises every time you turn a corner.
~do a cartwheel.
~make graham-cracker-and-frosting sandwiches.
~read the funnies. throw away the rest of the paper.
~grow a milk mustache.


miss britt said...

okay, so I didn't come up with a life motto. but we came up with a catch-phrase yesterday. so sort of a similar category. it is in reference to men's fashion

"The v neck is the new popped collar"

paige said...

also a kid-ish thing to do:

whenever anyone says they love something say in response, "then why don't you marry it?!"

for example...
thing1: i love subway sandwiches!
thing2: then why don't you marry it?!

just a thought...

Rebecca Jackson said...

Thanks for the reminder that even if I am a "grown-up" I can always be a kid at heart!