letters to my future husband.

this last semester, while being very bored in a certain class about marriage, i decided to start writing letters to the future mr. courtney. because i think they're so funny, i'll share:

dear future mr. courtney,
please be awesome.
thank you,

dear future mr. courtney,
i think you are my soul-mate. i don't care what everyone else says. but ... i'm a bit of a perfectionist so i wrote you a list of things you must be. i'll be flexible for you though:
•can tolerate my favorite things {movies and music wise}.
•respects mom and dad.
•wants some kids.
•artistic, creative, and unique.
•enjoys travel.
•has a strong testimony.
•set goals and meet them.
•make sacrifices for our relationship.
•love my family and friends.
also, please think that i am the most beautiful person on the planet.
thanks. love,

dear future mr. courtney,
please call me tangerine.

stay tuned for more.

{thank you paper tissue for the lovely image}


Sarah and Wes said...

Love it and love the picture!

paige said...

ii would like to add to the list since he will be almost as important to me as he will be to you...

-willing to accept and wear a best friend necklace from me, even if it has flowers and butterflies on it.
-is really good at the movie quote game and would you rather.
-and will celebrate my birthday like it's christmas.