what a degree in psychology gets you.

since obtaining my degree, i have been less than active. i wake up late, watch the price is right, make delicious lunches, then sit around till paige gets home. then we party. its been fun.

i'm glad to announce that i have been reading {something i never do} and doing lots of organizing {something i always do}. yesterday i cleaned and organized my parent's computer room and came upon this little number.

it was my mother's "wedding suit". when i asked my dad if he remembered what it was he said "of course i do, its the first thing i took off of your mother." which was promptly followed by "ewwww!" from paige and i.

i'm also getting a fair share of shopping in. last weekend i bought a foundation brush {best thing ever} and russian red lipstick from mac. i never knew how liberating a color of lipstick could be. its great.

and today ... i finally cut my hair!

i hope your spring is going as lovely as mine.


miss britt said...

first of all, love your title. and omg your dad's comment made me laugh out loud. and people looked at me like, "Um... it's not appropriate to laugh here." also, great lipstick and hair. just a great post all around

paige said...

bravo. i love this post except that part that you reminded me that mom and dad got down back in the day. ga-ross! again bravo. now come downstarirs and play with me.

Sarah and Wes said...

Love the suit with the lipstick--the story made me laugh. And your hair looks cute! Wow, it got so long! I shall miss it greatly. But you always look great with short hair too.