courtney's top 100 movies of all time.

i really enjoy movies and decided to share my top 100 with YOU. be excited.
{these are in no particular order}

•the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
•little miss sunshine
•garden state
•you’ve got mail
•better off dead
•school of rock
•meet the parents
•the shining
•moulin rouge
•batman begins
•across the universe
•stranger than fiction
•rear window
•a beautiful mind
•when harry met sally
•it’s a wonderful life
•ever after
•toy story
•the incredibles
•the ring
•big fish
•silence of the lambs
•the Truman show
•the others
•the nightmare before Christmas
•sixteen candles
•the breakfast club
•the sixth sense
•ferris buhler’s day off
•no reservations
•marie Antoinette
•to kill a mockingbird
•cinderella man
•finding neverland
•the shawshank redemption
•planes, trains, and automobiles
•how the Grinch stole chirstmas
•so I married an axe murderer
•pirates of the Caribbean
•the graduate
•the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring
•the lord of the rings: the two towers
•the lord of the rings: the return of the king
•north by northwest
•small time crooks
•Manhattan murder mystery
•italian job
•legally blonde
•ocean’s 11
•ocean’s 13
•alice in wonderland
•cast away
•the 7 year itch
•return to me
•the wedding singer
•the wizard of oz
•bruce almighty
•cable guy
•memoirs of a geisha
•as good as it gets
•american graffiti
•one flew over the cuckoo’s nest
•Shakespeare in love
•singing in the rain
•young Frankenstein
•willy wonka and chocolate factory
•nodding hill
•into the wild
•batman: the dark knight
•kung fu panda
•be kind rewind
•son of rambow
•Forrest gump
•stand by me
•the orphanage
•pan labyrinth
•dan in real life
•the emperor's new groove
•the mummy
•matchstick men
•catch me if you can
•edward scissorhands
the end.


miss britt said...

holy crap have I even seen 100 movies? oh you know what movie I saw this weekend with don cheedle? cheetle? cheatle? whatever. Traitor. loved it

courtney. said...

it was remarkably easy to come up with these, so i bet you could come up with some too. saw traitor, loved it too.

Sarah and Wes said...

Those are some great movies. There are a lot of my favorites in there!

Lynsey said...

Nice list! I was happy to see "Twister" on there. Good memories.