before death . . .

sarah posted her bucket list and i like to copy everything she does so . . .

before death list:
{see the northern lights}
{live in new york city}
{play 'california' and 'all i want' on the guitar}
{write 'c-dub' on suicide rock}
{hike the louvre}
{purchase ridiculously expensive shoes}
{own a vw bug or bus}
{drive a convertible through california}
{drive on the "wrong" side of the road}
{go to a full day at the movies}
{look down the side of the eiffel tower}

the end.


miss britt said...

:) you are the best. or as the word verfication below states: youskar

Sarah and Wes said...

Awesome. Also, I changed my blog address to sarahandwesleyfamily.blogspot.com. Your email also rejects my emails. It doesn't work. Love your guts.

Mark said...

Courtney, those shoes are do die for! This is Mom by the way even though I show up as Dad on the comments!