october love list.

i took this idea from britt, who took it from someone else, but i love the idea and i completely agree with the following statement regarding it: "so for the past month, i tried to pay special attention to lovable details. whenever I thought, "oh this can go on my love list!" i appreciated the moment even more. so even though [this month] was challenging at times, i still found myself looking for what is good."

october love list:
.regina spektor
.pumpkin muffins
.haunted houses
.pumpkin shampoo
.'son of rambow' [see it!]
.kathy and gary cosgrove
.meaningful prayer
.'pushing daisies'
.'the 7 year itch'



Sarah and Wes said...

I love your love list. And I LOVE pumpkin hair products!! Who would have thought they would be so great? See you tomorrow night Yoga Master.

miss britt said...

I love YOU. :) and I love that we have so many matching things this month! and they are weirdy things like the meaningful prayer talks and pushing daisies.