new love, greece.

it all started when i saw mamma mia, which was great by the way, then ended upon seeing the sisterhood of the traveling pants, also good.

i love greece.

and have decided to add it to my list of destinations before death, along with only paris. what i'm saying is that a vacation spot has to sound pretty good before i blot it's name on my 'before death' list. i've fallen head over heels and have started planning where to go and what i'll do.

1. i'll eat.
i have always loved greek food. few things are better in life than dining at basilla's in st. george. i quite enjoy a grilled chiken kabob atop lemon basmati rice, followed by greek wedding cookie. but i hear that while acctually in greece you have to eat fish, of which i am opposed to usually but will make an exception while in greece as to fully partake of the culture.

2.i'll sleep.
at the splanzia hotel, a cute little "boutique hotel" in crete. i find myself waking up to a breath taking view of the blue waters each morning, then eating greek yogurt while planning my day. the splanzia is said to be peaceful, as it is not overrun with tourists.

3.i'll island hop.
i have to do this if i want to see all there is to see. both the minoan and greek societies had a lasting effect on art and i'll need to see as much of the art and architechture as i can. the island i find most appealing is rhodes. some beaches on this island are lined with umberella tables, while others are empty. a nice combination of tourist appeal and actual culture.

4.i'll sit lazyly on th beach.
this is the most important part of the vacation, the part i'm looking forward to the most.

now i just need the money. thats all, just few thousand.

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miss britt said...

a few thoughts:

1) Greece = not that expensive. but the more money you have the more fun it is

2) the best thing in Greece was my roommate. it was awesome, yes, but wouldn't have been as awesome without her. make sure you take someone cool. if you are accepting applications, I would like to submit one.