i hate spiders.

as a kid i quite enjoyed the terror overwhelmingly received by watching arachnophobia. 'eight legs, two fangs and an attitude'. so great. and seriously creepy with just the right amount of cheese to dub it one of those 80's movies we'll never forget. i'm pretty sure i still think of that shower scene more than not when i take a shower.


so . . . yesterday while relaxing after a swim in shannen's pool, i reached to grab my pink lemonade but instead grabbed a big, hairy spider! bahhhh!

scary as that was, i come to find out today that just 20 miles south of me lies a city being overrun with spiders. just like on arachnophobia! residents of saratoga springs have noticed an infestation of the 'really big house spider'(the actual scientific name). some counted 40 or 50 in their front yard around sunset (which is, obviously, when they come out). what the residents of this town fear most is where the 'really big house spider' will go when the cold weather sets in. residents have already noticed them piling up onto the house.


but really, i love it. all the 'real life' arachnophobias. i just hope they don't move north.


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miss britt said...

I HATE SPIDERS! One time I was an hour late to church because I had to kill the spider that was in my bed. What ended up really happening was me finding the spider and then covering it with a cup. then throwing up. I hate them.