at the movies.

1. i saw "up" on friday ... simply marvelous. and just what i needed; life is it's own adventure. and i have to say that ellie reminded me and others of little courtney. definitely see this. definitely.

2. i also saw "the brother's bloom" this weekend. very delightful. very woody alleny. see it too.
3. this brings me to my next subject ... the broadway theaters on 3rd. i'm an avid movie lover and i quite enjoy seeing copious movies in the theaters, however, so many people today are completely disconcerned with respect that watching a movie in the theaters becomes like watching a movie in their own living room. all that texting and talking makes me crazy.
here's where the broadway comes in. its in the heart of salt lake {what's better than that?}, they show the "artsy" movies that don't come to big theaters {usually the better films}, and only movie lovers {people that don't talk or text during the film} go to this theater. its great.
so if you can't find a good movie to go to in the big theaters go to the broadway and be satisfied.
that's all.


miss britt said...

okay. next time I'm in salt lake, we will go to the broadway. (that was where we went for cary's birthday, we saw slumdog)

paige said...

bravo sister. and yay for up, best movie of the year, and the most i've cried...ever.