i feel bad.

that i haven't blogged for a long long time. below is my chronicled {is that a word?} month:
february 5th: watched boring movie for film class and not so boring the science of sleep.
february 6th: watched another boring movie for film class. had cafe rio to cancel out boringness. also saw he's just not that into you. now hate men.
february 7th: attended ALL DAY training for new job at women's crisis center. did you know that 1 in 3 women in utah will experience some form of sexual violence in their lives? ahh!
february 8th: attended amazing music and the spoken word .
february 9th: began writing letters to the future mr. courtney. {perhaps coming soon to the blog world. i'm not sure i want to share those}
february 10th: realized my holga was broken again! dang camera. also took this amazing picture of shannen that i love so much.

february 11th: partied at cheesecake factory with paige for her 18th. {happy birthday sister girl}

february 12th: wished stevenannie happy wedding, ate the most delish cake i've ever tasted, partied like a rock star, etc.

february 13th: got holga picties back {only 5 turned out, but i love those 5 with all my heart}

february 14th: saw coraline with valentine. {it's super good!}
february 15th: went to lava!

february 16th: came back from lava.
february 17th: laid in bed all day and watched movies because i didn't have class. {i'm so lazy. i need to fix that}
february 18th: wrote a paper about parenting {i'm not a parent so i don't really i know what i wrote about. weird}
today: wrote really long post that probably no one will read.


miss britt said...

I did! I read it!

Sarah and Wes said...

Great pix!! How's that new job going? Also, did you cut your hair yet? I want to see pictures of that. Yippee!

Mark said...

I saw, I read, I commented. I shall return.