december loves, a list.

i love the holiday season so much! so it was tough coming up with a list of just a few, but, here you go:

.that my modern art class is finished.
.that i'm finished with my 20 page psychology paper.
.my ceramic, christmas present for a special someone, bowls {photos coming soon}.
.staying comfy and cozy inside while it's a blizzard outside.
.the rb laundry.
.yogurt and granola.
.buying presents for everyone i love so much.
.my savior and redeemer, jesus christ.
.temple square lights.
.kayti dear.
.christmas cookies.
.making sped up movies and putting music to them.
.lynsey's amazing chocolates.

i hope you have a marvelous christmas.

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miss britt said...

the flower started to grow. we named him oliver. he is on my december love list...