lynsey joyce.

i love her.

and this one time . . . we switched roles. heres how it went down:

courtney: lynsey joyce can you play?
lynsey joyce: sure.
courtney: ok, come over to my house and we'll decide what to do.
lynsey joyce: ok bye.

3 seconds later the door bell rang and i answered to find lynsey joyce on my front porch.

lynsey joyce: hey.
courtney: so what should we do?
lynsey joyce: i'm not sure but i am kind of tired so i will now take a nap.

lynsey joyce came over to my house just to sleep sometimes. so she slept. . . for a while . . . then awoke.

lynsey joyce: ok i have an idea. lets switch for a day. you be me and i'll be you.

of course this sounded appealing so i agreed.

lynsey joyce: so i will live at your house from now on and you go and live at my house.

courtney: ok. bye.

i then proceeded to walk the path to lynsey joyce's house, pretending of course, to be lynsey joyce. it was a bit awkward, i must say, to waltz into her house, her parents wondering, where is lynsey joyce and why is courtney waltzing into our house. however awkward, i continued to be lynsey joyce. time passed by and i thought what would lynsey joyce be doing right now? it came to me. so i jumped up and ran to the phone.

courtney: is courtney there?
lynsey joyce: this is courtney. lynsey joyce is that you?
courtney: yes. can you play?
lynsey joyce: yeah come on over to my house.
courtney: ok.

courtney and lynsey joyce continue to be inseparable to this day.

the end.


here are a list of random questions and answers (per lynsey joyce's request):

4 places i go over and over again
a. american express.
b. 7-11.
c. taylorsville high school's track.
d. the movies.

4 places i love to eat
a. hires.
b. cafe rio.
c. red rock brewery.
d. basilia's.

4 places i'd rather be
a. in st george.
b. in new york.
c. in the water.
d. in the presence of paige.

4 people i talk to erday
a. mark.
b. lisa.
c. paige.
d. cyndi.

4 television shows i watch frequently
a. seinfeld.
b. arrested development.
c. the oc.
d. so you think you can dance.


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Sarah and Wes said...

Look how stinkin cute you are!!! You look just the same, except the hair style. I want to see more little Courtney pictures. What a fun story about you guys!